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My professional career in academia has spanned my entire adult life. My education and nature of my positions held in academic institutions have come with the expectation I conduct, write, and publish research that makes a contribution to the field and discipline of study in which I received my doctorate degree. What has in fact happened is that I have expanded my horizons to explore various knowledge domains far beyond my parent discipline, domains inclusive of the arts, humanities, and sciences. Central to this quest has been ways we come to know anything of interest to us through processes of human inquiry. Since my work and degree rest upon human inquiry, the research methods principal investigators use in the social, behavioral, and human sciences have circumscribed my research focus throughout my career. In recent decades, I have given more study to research methods in the arts and humanities, and ways they interface, parallel, and complement those of the sciences. Thematically, I think of my scholarly writings as a body of text epitomizing the study of research methodology for human inquiry. From an initial focus in the most traditional of scientific methods during graduate school I have grown by leaps and bounds professionally in my study and understanding of research methods across all the arts, humanities, and sciences. In the world of academia, my professional identity is captured in the phrase "research methodologist" and my specialty is "research methodologies for human inquiry." Rather rare and unusual; albeit, it is my reality and primary passion that has sustained me over the course of my entire professional career. The body of my scholarly writings should be clearly indicative. This area is organized by my books, publications, and presentations.
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